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Welcome! Come on in!


I'm so glad you're here! Thank you for joining me for a few minutes as I get to share projects I'm working on, fun recipes, things I'm learning from others, and who knows what else goes on in my crazy and quilty life 😁.

Before we get too far I'd love to share who I am and hopefully help you understand better why you're here--I am soooo grateful that you are 🥰, thank you!

We'll work a bit backwards, just to keep things interesting...

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In 2021 I was invited to open a brick-and-mortar shoppe where I could create beautiful quilts to sell. That took my lovely hobby to a business standing and all that it entails. Whew! 😅 I have learned a lot about business since then and enjoy the creative outlet quilting gives me.

In truth I didn’t start learning to quilt until late fall 2018 and I’d only been sewing for a year and a half year before that! Nope, I’m not a long-time sewist… my mom sewed when I was a girl and I learned a little bit in high school during Home Ec., but didn’t do anything past that, so it was a bit of a surprise to me to want to pick up sewing. It really only started with my husband’s desire for me to be able to mend and my want to be able to create simple home projects, so June of 2017 I got my first sewing machine, a Viking Emerald 116, and started taking classes at my local Joann Fabrics.

It wasn’t until the 2019 that I learned to really love quilting and found it to be therapeutic for me. See, I am a two-time Iraq vet with PTSD issues and this creative outlet really became “the thing” that helps me. In fact, I have to get some sewing time in at least every couple weeks or I start getting moody and cranky 😆… Truly!

Hey wait! Back the truck up… Yes, I’m a veteran, in fact, both my husband and I are both Army Vets. I joined in 2001 as a medic and spent 9 years in the National Guard and did a tour from 2003-2005 and another from 2008-2009. After nine years I decided not to “re-up”, especially after having our first kiddo.

Essentially Loved sgt sergeant army combat 

Mr. Loved and I met just before our first deployment in 2003 and were married just three months after arriving home in 2005. Loved Kid 1 (aka John) was born five years later with Loved Kid 2 (aka Trevor) born just nineteen months later.

Having kiddos definitely changes your outlook on life and for me it opened my eyes to finding ways to be as natural as possible. I started first with lavender as I needed as much relaxing and peace with a new baby as I could get 😆. A few years later I learned about a great company whose whole focus was natural ways to empower moms and households to cleaner, safer living through concentrated plant oils. As medicine was a big love of mine—wanting to be a doctor from a young age will do that to you 😁—this company truly resonated with me, and I dove in and started educating about these amazing essentials.

doterra motivate roller 

Teaching wasn’t new to me, I didn’t realize it until just a short time ago but, I had started my teaching career in 2007 when I started teaching cooking classes through a great, quality cooking tool company. I taught with them for about seven years before moving on to the plant medicine company.

Overall, I have been teaching for over fifteen years and LOVE it! I love being able to share what I have learned with others, so teaching classes and sharing with you is exciting. I hope you find this blog helpful. I’ll be sharing recipes, info on plant medicine, and sewing & quilting, of course 😁.

With warmth & love,
💜 Tracy

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What an inspirational series of life paths you have chosen! Thank you for sharing yourself, your time and your talents. I am very grateful. Best wishes as you continue to explore and excel in those opportunities you discover. Have a blessed Christmas and a very, very happy new year.
Your friend in Star, Idaho.

Cherlyne Allen

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