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Bowl Cozy Tutorial

I so loved teaching this Bowl Cozy Workshop a couple weeks ago! The gals had fun and learned some, too which is always a great feeling--to be able to share my loves with others wanting to learn!

This cozy is easy to make and great for sewists and quilters alike, no matter your skill level... Beginners welcome! 😃 If you'd like a low-cost printable version of this pattern click here.

If you're thinking about learning to quilt or wanting to refine your techniques check out my blog post with my new Quilting Block & Unit Reference Guide to help you get started.

In the meantime, let's get started on this fun and easy bowl cozy 😃.

Fabric Requirements

2 - 10" squares cotton fabric
2 - 10" square batting, 100% cotton, NO polyester
Thread - 100% cotton, NO polyester


Walking Foot will make this easier
Topstitch 90/14 sewing needle - I prefer the chrome ones when I can get them as they're hardier
Point turner, chopstick, or other to push out corners
Iron and ironing mat/board

bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial

A couple notes before you get started:

  • Please read through the blog before you start—there’s tips throughout to help make sure you have a successful project.
  • Seam allowance is ¼", unless otherwise stated.
  • RST: Right (pretty) Sides (of fabric) Together 
  • Lengthen stitch to 3.0mm or 8.5 stitches per inch



1. Draw a line from corner to corner on the diagonal on both fabric squares using a water or heat erasable marking pen. Repeat on opposite corners creating an "X".

 bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial


2. Place one fabric square right side up on top of one batting square and pin to hold the fabric and batting in place (seen above right).
3. Sew on the drawn "X" of both fabric and batting squares.
4. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the other fabric and batting squares, making two total units.

bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial

5. Fold one fabric/batting unit in half with batting side out--use your point turning tool here to swipe the inside fold to prevent a pleat.

bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial
bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial

6. On the short ends of the folded fabric pin, then mark a dot 1" from the fold, see Diagram 2.
7. Mark a second dot 2" from each end along the fold.
8. Draw a line to connect the dots. Do this for both fabric/batting squares.
9. Sew on both of these lines, this creates the darts that give the bowl shape.

bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial

10. Repeat steps 4-8 folding in the opposite direction
   📍Note: This is the place where you’d round the corners using a jar or glass, if desired.
11. Trim off the small triangle ¼" away from stitched seam.

bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial

12. Match the two units together with fabrics RST--turn one "bowl" inside out to lay inside the other.
13. Nest the darts, so their seams go in opposite directions and pin.
14. Then pin the corners (and anywhere else you need) and sew ¼" seam around the cozy leaving a 3-4" opening on one side (not at or encompassing a corner).

bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial

15. Trim corners, being careful to not cut the seam.
16. Turn cozy right side out, carefully poking out the corners with your point turner.

bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial

17. Press edges, so they’re flat.
18. Carefully turn the un-seamed edges in, so can be sewn.
   📍 Note: You can hand sew the opening closed if you’d prefer.

bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial
bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial

19. With coordinating thread topstitch opening closed ⅛" or less around the entire square to finish.

bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial bowl cozy tutorial


Additional Notes:

A faster finish on these cozies would be sew the two fabric/batting pieces together with right sides facing out. Sew a ⅜ _-½" seam around the edge, then use pinking shears to trim edges. The unenclosed edges will be fuzzy after use and washing, see picture below.

bowl cozy tutorial

This pattern can be easily adapted to different sizes to fit your needs, like serving or other bowl sizes where you may need to heat up the bowl, use larger/smaller squares and adjust the dart size.

The dart size can also be adapted to fit shallower or steeper sided bowls, as needed, even a pint of ice cream (keep fingers warm and ice cream cold!) or plates.

 If you’re looking to coordinate 2 bowl cozies and 4 coasters you can use two Fat Quarters!


Have fun with this pattern! Create a set of four as a housewarming or hostess gift or make something more unique for a loved one. Whatever you do, have fun!

Warmth & Love,

💜 Tracy


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PPS. I would love to celebrate your creations with you!! Please use these hashtags on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag me (@EssentiallyLovedQuilts), so I can spot them and give you some virtual hugs!
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